Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bianca submits Richard Avedon

Okay, so this guy's work is really eye catching. Most people are somewhat familiar with his work and I really enjoy his pieces. Many of his images are just straight-forward portraits. His intent was to capture the soul of his subject in the image. He gained experience from the Merchant Marines (as a start w/ a rolliflex) and onto fashion where he begain to make a name for himself. He was well known for his images in Harpers Bazaar and Vogue~ and later he went on to take some of the infamous Beatles portraits. Funny Face 1957, starring Fred Astaire was a fictional depiction of his early career. He happened to be in SA, TX when he died of a brain hemmorage while on assignment for The New Yorker in 2004, crazy... right?!

So, the reason I chose Avedon was because right now he is very influential and inspirational for my work. His depiction of simply represented subjects and yet a portrayal such deep and intense subject matter is extremely attractive to me. I seem to be drawn to this style of photography. This image that I posted is so compelling to me that I am using it as a catapult for a new series still within the realm of my continuous works in Victorian/Southern Goth influenced pieces. Avedon is definitely one of my favorite photographers~ though I do have several. :) I would suggest checking out more of his works at http://www.richardavedon.com/

happy shooting!


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