Sunday, July 24, 2011

Brianna Cristiano submits Andreas Horvath

Andreas Horvath has these beautiful photographs of toy soldiers I thought his work was interesting and I wanted to look him up because of our mural project that has to do with scale. He uses these toys and manipulates them by melting them down and tearing limbs off. The series is called "Los Desastres De La Guerra" which means the disasters of war in Spanish. Horvath is trying to show the horror that war brings and I believe he accomplishes that in these photographs. The black and white helps him achieve the brutality of war and the seriousness. I think if he would have chosen to do them in color it would have become more playful and not what the artist intended the viewer to leave with. I really like the creativeness of how many different angles and lighting he uses. He is someone to look up :)

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