Sunday, July 31, 2011

Katie Morris submits Lori Nix

What I enjoy about Lori Nix is she experiments with scale with figurines and minuscule objects to help create real life action. I have found that many of her photos are neglected, vacant and lifeless but somehow enriched with color and eye movement. Yet, I was mainly drawn to her collection of "The City". She photographs common facilities but adds a twist to it. These images do not contain any human life. It's as if it was once occupied by people and then just abandoned. Her photographs are so capturing with all the detail embedded within the photograph. It's a feeling that the viewer is standing in the space, looking at the worn down room with walls coming apart, dust and dirt covered everywhere and objects falling apart. Her images have a somewhat negative feel to them in ways. It's a feeling of non activity and the rooms have a deadness to them. When once used, they just linger there in a mess and left untouched. The rooms sit there to fade away day by day.

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