Friday, July 29, 2011

Katie Morris submits Duane Michals

Duane Michals sparks an interest of mine because he takes incidences out of life and places them in sequential order with a twist. That extra twist is his take on the imagery or what he feels as an artist. One piece by that I found clever is called "Chance Meeting." This sequence piece reflects the idea of passing someone on the street and trying to collect who they are. Then within seconds, each person turns around at different times and discovers that person completely gone. It's the idea of a thought passing through the mind and never knowing what the aftermath would be. Trying to figure out the unknown or the what if thoughts. This piece is very powerful by far and I would say it's a positive imitation about life itself. We all wonder about the buts or what ifs; therefore "Chances Meeting" is an example of not knowing what could've been. It's the feeling that overpowers everything about this artwork. Plus, it's also a narrative without words. I find that fascinating because when an audience views this artwork, they can create their own narrative for it. It's a realistic event that does happen and it's wonderful that people can relate to this real life scenario.

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