Thursday, July 14, 2011

Heesun Park reviews Steen Doessing-The Congenital Landscape

September Moon

Ventnor Jetty

Totland Pier #2

The Congenital Landscape

When I look at this photo, it reminds me “Seascapes” by Sugimoto. When I see the black and white photography I feel like something “old”, “memory”, or “past”. However I think this picture showing the photographer’s feeling. According to the artist his art work represents a state of tranquility, of Zen, of calm but also drama. I can see from his work the ocean view is very calm and well balanced; it made me very calm and empties my mind, and showing not many information but has a strong impact. These pictures illustrate all of this. The horizontal line separated beautiful sky and the ocean, the picture catch beautiful clouds and a calm ocean. He took these pictures using long exposures, maybe about an hour or more than an hour. Personally I like to use long exposures. Overall, I really enjoying these pictures, there's a lot of potential for this shot, and I also would like to try to take this kind of pictures. . I think this photo is very powerful and successful landscape photography.

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