Friday, July 22, 2011

Heesun Park reviews "Alice in Waterland" by Elena Kalis

My first project for Summer class was self-portrait. I took few pictures of myself under water by Pinhole.It was beautiful , and I was not expected that kind of result. Since than I research about artist who taking picture under water." Alice in Waterland" by Elena Kalis , who is Russian-born photographer has been residing in Bahamas for the past decade and started flirting with photography only a few years ago, although she has an artistic education. She admits the ocean is her main source of inspiration, and for her most acclaimed series, Alice In Waterland, she used her own daughter, as a model for Alice.The images are very fantastic, colorful, and surrealist. It also looks like baby in the womb. I really enjoy this pictures , the one picture that Alice having the tea is remind me of the fairy-tale images. She also took picture and named "Underwater fairytale" that also very fantastic, colorful, and surrealist. to use color and light, the pictures are beautiful .

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