Saturday, July 23, 2011

Katie Morris submits David Leventhal

One photographer that is fascinating is David Leventhal. His photography contributes to scale because he manages to produce photography with small objects. Leventhal will then make the photograph bigger to make the object appear larger in scale. This is a trick to the eye, which enhances the viewers interest to the picture. With this in mind, that type of imagery is a positive note only because it's different and unique. It's possible to create a large image from a small object or capture an image of a large object and shrink it down. It's a trick to the eye in an optical illusion manner but it adds a different flavor to the world of photography. Sometimes the scale effect may become time consuming to create the absolute image preferred by the photographer or it can be second nature. I also think scaled images add humor but it depends on the content of the photograph. More so, it's a creative masterpiece of taking every day object and forming them into something outside of their natural being.

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