Friday, July 29, 2011

David Alvarez submits Alex Darocy

Alex Darocy is again another toy photographer, who is quite different from both Levinthal and McCarty. While Levinthal and McCarty both create imagery in which the toys begin to have their own reality within the planes of the photograph (be it realistic or surreal), Darocy's imagery is created through the assemblage of found toy objects. The assemblages of toys he creates seem to from this paradox between an idea of being methodically planned and spontaneous conceived. This to me is a great notion, because he has this idea of what he wants in his head, but he also lets his work just happen; allows the work to create its own meaning.

On his website it states that "He does not create meaning, rather, he presents the viewer with sets of inter-related, culturally formed visual texts that focus on the features imbued on the objects through the lengthy social and physical process of their production." Although, I slightly agree with the second half of this statement, I believe that meaning is created within in the work. Take the examples pictured above, they are from a series entitled Food Chain. Though he does present the objects in a way that explores the features of the toys themselves, there is still an underlying idea of social Darwinism. The survival of the superior by devouring the inferior.

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