Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Katie Morris submits Tina Barney

What I admire mostly about Tina Barney's work is her style. She produces portraiture of people in her life or the people of elite status. What I find most remarkable about portraiture is capturing facial expressions, body posture, mannerisms and so forth to help represent an image. In Barney's work, she simply captures her subjects either in distraction or when the subject has complete knowledge of the photographer. So, she displays multiple poses to deliver her point to her audience. Her work is a positive gesture because it's truthful. A photographer can pose his or her subjects different ways or make them act in another character other than themselves but her photography has a natural presentation. She may allow her subjects to be themselves to tell a story about who they are as individuals. Since every person is unique, looking at a picture of an individual is going to be different among other portraits. Barney respects the personality appearing through the photograph because in that photograph tells a story in a moment.


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