Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Andrea Couture submits Bastienne Schmidt

Bastienne Schmidt is a photographer from Germany. Her work focuses mainly on the female identity; more specifically domestic identity. This is a subject matter that I would like to start including in my own work so it is very inspiring to me.
Both of the photographs above are from her series Home Still Life. In this series she uses the woman figure in a mostly empty, mostly domestic setting. There are only about three photos in this series that depict other beings in the photographs, giving a sense of loneliness or solitude to the woman's surroundings. Dishes left on a table, growing plants, cigarette butts, and a vacuum all refer to an "empty, lived in" space which also speaks to the solitude that can come from a life of domesticity. The prints in this series are absolutely beautiful and they draw the viewer into the light, airy spaces that the women lives in. I can almost sense the feelings of solitude, accomplishment, and frustrations the woman must be feeling in these spaces.
Schmidt also has some very intriguing photographs in her series Still and also Domestic DNA. In the former Schmidt is again dealing with the female identity but this time through stills of old videos that include women. Each still is photographed with something in front of it (vintage cloth, drawings, ect.).
I really enjoy Schmidts work and I have taken some inspiration from each of her series. Here is her website.

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  1. Very nice...can't wait to see where the inspiration leads you. Schmidt will be a great person for next semester in terms of using image in installation.