Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jason Salavon takes photos from magazines, news papers, and other popular culture materials and merges them together. He has a several series on which he has used this technique some of which are The Every Playboy Centerfold and Homes for Sale. For Every Playboy Centerfold he chooses the centerfold photos from magazines from each decade. In Homes for Sale Salavon took photos from a real estate magazine and blended them together. Once he has chosen all of the photos he wants to use, he puts them in a computer program that he created. Here, he averages the colors so that all the photos have the same general tonal range. Then he layers the photos on top of each other.
I feel that Salavon has an interesting concept for his work. By blending the images together he is able to show the similarities between some of the subject matter - such as, thePlayboy models that all seem to have the same build, hair color, and length of hair. This shows that the things we see every day are very similar and the merging together of the photos represents the blur of life passing us by.

Here is his website Salavon:

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