Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thomas Lopez Submits Philippe Mazaud

Philippe Mazaud‘s work titled Nocturnal is a visually striking collection. In this work he is trying to capture the star effect that late night scenes can have. He compares them to a scene in a science fiction movie or traveling into some alien world in which life was absent or had been removed. This is how this series began. Now since he has started working in large format he describes them as having a set like quality, in which some plot seems to be unfolding. It is the absence that he is playing off of.

I feel while many of the photos are quite beautiful and are portraying the message he is trying to capture there are many of the images that just don’t seem to have this effect.

In the photo titled Curtain (Fog) I feel it is close to what he is going for. In the work titled surf I feel this piece also depicts the message he is looking to portray. In his piece titled Cold Light, while having a beautiful quality I do not see his message coming across.

Many of the photos capture the light and shadows quite strikingly and seem to be very nicely processed, however there are a number of them that just seem quite boring even though the quality is good.

After looking at this series I was looking at another series he is working on called Logan Garden. This series while having much fewer images I feel seems to hit the mark of what he is portraying better then the Nocturnal one.

In the Logan Garden pieces he is playing off of some of the themes that have shown up in art over the ages. I feel many of these do this quite well, for instance in the piece Balcon as well as in Italian Holiday.

ItalHol icon3Balcon icon3

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