Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Andrea Couture submits Ellen Carey

Ellen Carey is a contemporary photographer who works abstractly. Many of her photographs can be mistaken for paintings but are actually made inside the camera or darkroom. She does use paint sometimes to paint over specific areas of some of her photos but she also uses the inks found in large format color polaroid films.
In Carey's series Photogenic Drawings she uses the darkroom as her camera by making photograms. For this series she worked in both color and black and white. While I do not know exactly what materials she is using to create these photograms, I do think that they are very interesting. She is able to get a lot of depth (especially in the bottom image) and texture in each piece. The photo on the top reminds me of what looking through a microscope is like. All of the small circles and textures reminds me of cells and other microscopic material. I really enjoy both of these compositions along with many of the others from this series.
She also has a series of self portraits which could maybe help inspire someone for the next project?
Here is her website:

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