Friday, September 10, 2010

Christel Schlager Submits Long Range Collaboration

Anne Leighton Massoni/Chelsy Usher and Nate Larson/Marni Shindelman are the pairs of photographers who worked together in this Long Range Collaboration. Gosh...the whole idea already sounds like a very difficult task to overcome, but remarkably these pairs of photographers ended up with some rather interesting and appealing photographs.

Massoni and Chelsy

They mentioned that their idea for collaborating the series "Yours & Mine" all started from a simple text message asking “What are you up too?” and having an image being sent as a response from one, while surprisingly having one sent in return being exactly similar from the other; as if both individuals were in tune with one another. So looking at the photo I can say that for working long distance they had an interesting layout for taking images. Each one only shows a portion of the face and it is usually a face of blankness. I feel like it gives the image a simple and clarifying meaning mentioning their story. I’m here? I’m at this location? I’m capturing this moment? Also to take note from while looking at these pairs of images is to notice the similarities between them both. They each have tones of Red/Orange & Blue/White. Not only do they share similar colors in representation they also have it being the opposite from one another, or inversed. (Ex: Left face is R/O and the Right is B/W). This helps pull them together and helps build the story between them. Sometimes when I was just taking a glance at the images I would think it was the same model in both! If I had to make a comment on the project I would say it was very creative. They ended up getting across the idea they wanted to share very successfully and if you want to look at more of their works check out the weblink.

Nate Larson/Marni Shindelman

What I found to be really interesting from them and a completely fun idea is their project called "Geolocation: Tributes to the Data Stream" . It’s an idea based from Twitter Nate and Marni take the GPS location stamps that people share when they tweet and visit those locations and take a picture of it, as well as incorporating the words from the twitter within the image. This whole idea was just so striking for me, and I found looking at each image to be exciting, because it’s like a marker. You want to think who was the person who wrote it? What were they doing while typing it out? How were they standing, sitting, or even walking while they tweet? Where they young? Where they old? The idea just leads you to many questions that you the viewer just have to fill in. It’s an idea like this that is so simple and eye catching that makes the event wonderful. The link to more of their image is sited below.

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