Sunday, September 12, 2010

Brian submits Jimmy Chin

Some of Jimmy's recent assignments include photographing the cover story for Outside Magazine of Stephen Koch's attempt to snowboard the Direct North Face of Mount Everest; traversing the Chang Tang Plateau in northwestern Tibet with Rick Ridgeway, Conrad Anker and Galen Rowell, shooting video and still photography for National Geographic; and climbing the world's tallest freestanding sandstone towers while shooting for The North Face in Mali, Africa. In the Spring of 2004, Jimmy climbed Mount Everest with David Breashears and Ed Viesturs, while shooting the documentary video and production stills for a feature Universal Studios film. In the Fall of 2006, Jimmy made his second ascent of Mount Everest and skied from the summit, making the first American ski descent of the peak.

As a photojournalist, an adventure sports photographer and sponsored North Face Athlete, Jimmy has the physical and technical skills to shoot subjects few others can approach. His versatility as an athlete provides him a unique understanding of the sports, the people, the lifestyles and the expeditions that he photographs.

Rewind to 1999, before he became the most sought after expedition photographer, before he even purchased his own camera. Chin was training in California's Yosemite Valley for an expedition to Pakistan's Karakoram Range. After a six-day climb of El Capitan, Chin picked up the camera of his climbing partner, himself a budding photographer.

"I had woken up early with the morning sun and took a photo of Brady sleeping in his bag next to all of the gear we had strewn across the ground," Chin said. Out of the entire roll, the frame shot by Chin was the only one that sold.

Chin used the proceeds to purchase his first camera. The rest is history.

I appreciate fact that he began little-to-no technical training but merely an outdoorsman who discovered he had a great natural eye. Gives us other Asian outdoorsy kids hope.

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