Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Carolyn King submits Justin Vinesky

Man, he had me til he said this...
"[Justin] makes photographs of the simple, quiet times in life; taking the ordinary and making it something more, something for the keeping." Blah. Go buy a scrapbook.

Well I did enjoy about half of the work in Sometimes You Just Know because, well, sometimes you just know. Sometimes you just live in one second and know that things are alright, or not right at all. I felt more connected to the meaning behind this project than the actual photos; the feeling of just being and feeling and knowing something with a sense other than sight is pretty universal and I know that it's something I feel about every other day. I think I enjoy this project so much because it's something that I feel I've struggled with comprehending, not knowing how to deal with the feeling of just knowing that something isn't okay, or otherwise. I've been brooding and dwelling on feelings that come to me from nowhere and the harder I try to give them definition, the more I struggle to understand their origin. Seeing that someone can comprehend it through photography gives me a little slice of calm.


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