Sunday, September 26, 2010

Salina Ellis presents David John Lotto

I found this artist while doing research for my self portrait project. Lotto is a self taught artist who has long worked with platinum palladium process. This process is said to have the greatest tonal range of all photographic processes. He uses vintage and soft focus lenses and a 20x24 view camera to capture the images and prints on Japanese paper. Recently the artist has begun exploring use of wet plate collodion. Because the collodion creates a single positive, Lotto scans the image into a computer to further alter and reprint. The artists work explores themes of emotions, psychology and spirituality.

He creates work in landscape, portraiture, figure, and still life. I was first drawn to Lotto's work by his use of the figure in his imagery. I love how he is able to create work that is both ethereal and textured at the same time. Especially beautiful are his wet plate pieces. The unrefined edges and occasional distortion within the image imbue the pieces with a feeling of history and nostalgia. Lotto’s use of light adds more dimensions and emotion to the environments he creates. He asserts that his work helps him to understand and come to terms with self. This philosophy of work agrees with my own personal approach to creating art.

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