Monday, August 1, 2011

Heesun Park reviews lee mung ho .

Tree #1 -〈A Series of 'Tree'〉

Tree #2-〈A Series of 'Tree'〉 among 〈Project, 'Photography-Act'>

Tree #3-〈A Series of 'Tree'〉 among 〈Project, 'Photography-Act'〉

I did not have many chances to see Korean photographer work. I have been few of them most of them was fashion photography. When I research about Korean photographer I had the opportunity to view Lee mung ho's work. Looking through the his work, I was able to see great work, capturing the landscape with an other landscape. The artists took a picture of tree and he installed and took an other landscape. I really enjoyed his idea. Every his picture was taken digitally, and some Photoshop in his work. each image is so beautiful. It made my mind became a empty. The photographer focus on tree, and the tree picture interruption landscape, it could be a boring picture , but including the interruption gives the composition a sense of balance. I was so impressed with the picture's ability to make me feel empty.... I really enjoyed it.

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