Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bianca Review- 02- Amy Theiss Giese

I couldn’t contain my excitement when I found this artist experimenting with paper, chemistry and light.  The idea of using the basic materials of a photograph in a dark room to create a photograph without even taking a photo is exciting.  It’s a contemporary way of using most people no longer even think of because of the new digital age.

Amy Theiss Giese uses no camera to create her bodies of work but instead the fundamentals of a darkroom: light sensitive paper, chemicals, and light. In essence she is taking photographs of the shadows in the darkroom that are briefly seen when you turn on the enlarger to capture the negative from a film onto paper. As we know light also has different spectrums of colors which are naked to the eye. These create the different tints of color onto the paper. These pieces of art create window to a parallel world we cannot see until now.

 Her body of work also makes the equipment in the darkroom the most important aspect of the process. Though the images from “Concealed at first at last I appear” are not her first experiments in Photography, they are by far the most interesting in my opinion. The genius that is to not necessarily photograph the shadows of the dark but more to capture the essence that is a shadow. It makes those eerie figures you may have once been afraid of as children come to life. Her images also have a creepy effect to them as well giving the viewer a sense of slight fear while viewing them.

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