Saturday, July 19, 2014

Bianca Review- 01- Ying Ang

I want to expand my knowledge of photography used in a contemporary setting this semester. I was confused as to what I could create my body of work on this semester so I wrote out four solid ideas in which I could follow. The idea of a beauty shot always fascinated me but by taking macro shots of what people liked and disliked about themselves, brought the idea into a more contemporary setting.

 While looking for artists whose works interest me, I stumbled upon Ying Ang. Her works mainly consist of social and contemporary issues. Ying Ang's interests lie in creating something you can read and hold onto whether it’s for print, on the web, or an installation. She is based in Melbourne, Singapore, and New York so many of her bodies of work have to do with the cultures of the area.

In her newest book, Gold Coast Book, she captures the dark unseen side of the Australian Coast. In her series, there are portraits of the young and corrupted. She also photographs settings in which the tales of rape, drugs, murder and extortions are based upon. Her photographs are inspiring and pleasing to the eye, which give you a glimpse into another world that most Americans consider paradise. When I see her artwork I am inspired to look at the lives around me in a new perspective: the real truth behind the people, or at least pretend like I can see another perspective of the lives around me.

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