Thursday, July 31, 2014

Nadia C. Gonzales BLOG 03 - DANIEL SPRICK

Since I've been taking this summer color theory class with Vikki I have become so much more conscious of color relativity and purposely using colors to evoke different emotions in art. Even changing the background from blue to red can change the piece dramatically and have a different effect on the brain and our natural response to it. One artist I believe that  uses color relativity effectively is Daniel Sprick. I often use him as a reference to my projects because I feel he knows exactly what he is mixing and his decisions to use certain colors work very well to produce great paintings. He uses a lot of natural lighting in his pieces so  often the lighting in his paintings is more of a yellow, blue, and/or green tone. His style is very clean and realistic which is something I love because it takes an immense amount of work and technical skill to achieve. In addition to painting his subject matter true to form he is excellent in the placement of his compositions so that they are visually interesting.
There is often and oddball object that does not seem to fit in the setting but it's not too much that it becomes distracting. I feel that he pays special attention to every detail and that's what makes his paintings so visually and conceptually great and overall well executed. Everything has an intention and every object is carefully paid attention to.


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