Thursday, July 31, 2014

Nadia C. Gonzales BLOG 04 - Diego Fazio

Diego Fazio is a self taught photorealist artist who's work has most recently become well known on the internet thanks to Deviant Art and various websites. I found him from she popular pop culture news app BuzzFeed. He was featured in an article and is quickly developing a fan base for his amazing portraits. Hyperrealism portraits are extremely difficult to achieve because every detail has to perfectly replicate the photo that is being referenced. Any slight difference even the tiniest of detail can possible throw the end product off completely. I have only attempted once to draw a portrait exactly like a photo and it took a very long time with an extensive amount of focus and discipline. Having going though that process personally I have an enormous amount of respect for his work. Although it may not be as conceptually interesting to some I believe this is where the talent aspect should be paid attention to more so than the context. He has mastered the technique of chiaroscuro contour and highlighting so much so that there is no indication of any pencil markings. I feel like this is what makes the drawings so successful and is only mastered with an extensive amount of practice. Something that might be more interesting is if the subject matter was photographed personally instead of a celebrity or copyrighted photo. Regardless his keen eye for detail  draws me into his pieces and I would absolutely love to see them in person because a computer screen does not do any art work any justice.

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