Thursday, July 31, 2014

Nadia C. Gonzales - BLOG 01 N.C Winters

I found this amazing artist on Instagram a couple of years ago by accident. Although he is not that famous yet he has sold many prints and he primarily posts most of his work on Instagram instead of his website. N.C. Winter’s artistic style is something I envy because it embodies everything I would love to do and hope to achieve. The works are mainly portraits with a surreal twist. They often include people with sinister expressions and/or profound emotion. The subject matter is always in the middle like an old fashioned portrait although it is very far from being traditional.  The color palette he typically uses is vintage, dull, muted colors that give his work an antique look. There is so much attention and intricate detail done in each of his paintings and drawings that it reminds me to be patient with my own work so that the end result is as a great as it can be. I especially love the airbrushed look he creates because it gives a polished refined appearance which is very pleasing to the eye. His older works are slightly commercial compared to his 2014 collection. It is apparent his style has evolved and he tapped into a deeper conceptual mindset to really push his ideas and ultimately make the artworks more interesting. That is something I have struggled with since I realized I loved making art. I hope to achieve this in this class so my art can be fascinating and have substance along with technical skill.


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