Monday, July 21, 2014


After having presented my concept of ideas I would be working on this semester and my one on one meeting with Libby, she recommended I researched this artist. The home page of his website is neat in appearance and to the point. For example, you type in his URL to his website and there on a somewhat off colored squares with three lines of text: his name followed by two hyperlinks directing you towards the photographs and collections and the other directing you to information of the artist.

After having done some research and perused through his work I came to really enjoy his "Homes at Night" collection. His use of lighting and the natural lighting makes the scenes almost look like that of fantasy. Looking throughout his compositions and observing the lighting on the streets and how well each section is lit and the ambient light compliments the light coming from the persons windows.

My favorite photo of the collection would be "2479a." The mixture of the lighting is not only interesting but engaging as well. For example, part of the photo has a harsh white light coming in from off scene but blends in with a softer more brownish orange/red light coming in from the right of the photograph. Moving the viewers eyes throughout the composition, the windows serve as another visual area to draw your eyes to. Some of the windows are filled with a harsher yellow light, more distinct, while the other windows are filled with that softer red light. Theres a mixture of similar colors that are spread throughout the photograph that make it engaging for the viewer and pleasant to look at. After looking at the foreground and subject matter (the house and windows) one moves their attention toward the sky which is just as equally interesting as the foreground. There is the same variation of colors and battle for attention that the colors are trying to achieve. Overall his photographs and skills are something to aspire to. His use of lighting and control over the ambient light as to not make or break the photograph if I may, but Todd Hido uses it in such a manner that elevates the composition and photography to another level

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