Thursday, July 31, 2014

Nadia C. Gonzales - BLOG 02 ORLAN

One of the most intriguing artists I have researched is Orlan. She is definitely a one of a kind artist who took her art to a new frightening level. During the course of 1990-1995 she underwent 9 plastic surgery operations to alter and imitate her facial features of influential women in famous paintings. The most noticeable surgery she received are the implants on either side of her forehead that are supposed to mimic the Mona Lisa’s prominent forehead. Most critics call them “demon horns” as they are unnatural and very strange. However, in response to her critics she accentuates them by putting glitter and drawing more attention to her “demon horns”. This small action speaks volumes to me because instead of shunning things that aren’t’ necessarily beautiful in society’s idea of beauty she glorifies them.  I appreciate her work as a radical artist and her message about feminism, religion, sexuality, & DNA. Instead of going the tradional route and painting a woman’s genitalia she decided to alter her body in order to get her message across. When I first came to school I was not a big fan of artists who took their ideas to the extreme as Orlan has but as my time here has gone on I have opened up my mind to new ideas and fully realized arts importance in society. I’ve fully realized that art is so much more than beautiful paintings on a wall and great art is art that has a strong stance in something bigger and being able to execute it correctly in order to get their point across. I probably have realized this later than my peers but at least I got here.

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