Thursday, July 31, 2014

Nadia C. Gonzales - BLOG 05 - Jeanette Barnes

At first glance Jeanette Barnes' scratchy visually complex drawings can give the viewer a bit of a headache. There is a crazy amount of imagery to look at all in one time. But I've noticed when I step back and fully look at her art as a whole instead of the many individual lines I start to appreciate it more and come to love it. She has a smart way of using line to create motion and noise. The majority of her drawings are that of a city landscape exactly where the most noise comes from. The people don't look frantic either. It seems they should since there is a repetition line work in each of the figures, but Jeanette does just enough to keep it from becoming too chaotic.

I was referred to this artist from a friend of Libby's on Facebook and I'm glad she was brought to my attention. The critique of my drawing style is the complete opposite of hers and I believe to be a great artist we should try many different art styles we are able to whether we necessarily like it or not. I understand that I have to "let go" while I am drawing although that is more difficult than it seems. I appreciate that Jeanette does not lose the point of perspective on her pieces so that there is still a good amount of dimension. She uses thicker lines to create shadows instead of blending everything in. Not being able to blend is my biggest obstacle since I've started to experiment with this style.

In the drawing below I love how she leaves some things unfinished so that our imagination can finish the rest. For example the building is not anywhere near complete but it doesn't really matter because we can finish it ourselves. Not paying attention to every tiny detail is what makes this so effective. I feel if all the information was provided these works would not be nearly as interesting.

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