Thursday, July 10, 2014


This semester I want to explore areas that are dear to me in the sense that remind me of home. Coming from a small town I was able to have the luxury of small town living and being out in the country while I could also travel 30-40 minutes to catch a glimpse of the busy bustle of city life. Growing up I began showing interest in sunset and sunrise lighting and landscape photography.

Liam Frankland's approach to photography and landscape photography is different than most. As you come up in the photography world, people tell you that grain in photographs and high ISOs are bad. Frankland has utilized them and incorporated them into his work. Several albums on his website are made up of abstract landscapes broken up by the different colors making up the sky (beach landscapes) and also the use of high ISOs and artistically using the grain.

A lot of people may see a landscape and photograph as how it is, but it is refreshing to see how Liam Frankland makes some of his photographs almost resemble a fresco painting. His compositions also vary from one photograph to the next. Some apply the 1/3 rule and have the sky be the dominant scale in the photograph and other photos the foreground overpowers the sky. When viewing these photos, I would like to try and attempt to emulate his style and successfully. The process and the actual photographing of the locations seem tranquil and meditative in a way. As if everything else is not relevant, just an artist and his tools of his trade.

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