Wednesday, April 4, 2018


            Photographer, Zed Nelson discusses a pressing topic in our government and society with Gun Nation. This series derived from his experience of his friend getting shot and him almost getting shot. An obvious juxtaposition or more so a reference to cause and effect, this body of work is a combination of images of guns as objects, images of people who own guns and the images of the danger of guns. Greatly, the reaction is based on the viewer’s stance on guns. For instance, in my case the images of the comfortableness with the guns in combination with the images of possible repercussions of using guns, is frightening. Additionally, the images with children holding guns or near the guns, is making me the most uncomfortable. More specifically, the image of the shelf crate of bullets is disturbing because they are being displayed like candy. Having these images together is more powerful and necessary than if they were a series on their own. Years later, Zed Nelson revisited this series, interviewed some of the people involved and reshot some of the images. The controversial photographs were defended by ideas of protection of themselves and their families and freedoms as an American citizen. This series is such a relevant topic and thus more impactful in this era of mass shootings.

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