Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Jamie Salazar profiles Alfred Latour

There is always something to a medium in art.  The feel of the clay, the smell of the paint, but when you are working in photography with film, especially black and white format it certainly conjures up a more nostalgic feel and quality to some of your works.

  Alfred Latour’s series “Self-Portrait” cannot help but transport you back to that era, shot in the 1930’s in France.  The use of the same type of cameras and film we still use today is amazing.  The deep contrast he uses as the sea and sky working almost as a bright lit backdrop to the various items on the sea, ships and rock formations, and even the birds flying by as dark mysterious vessels in the sky.
This of course, is completely opposed and used differently when it comes to the works which include people.  The dark background of the street side café creates the almost romantic glow to the light, white clothed patrons at the various tables in the foreground.
Although his photographic work was not found until recently, Latour has been known for his graphic design and textile design work.  For many years he had created textile and fabric designs that had been sought after by many haute couture designers as well as participating in the revival of graphic design and advertising in France and in Europe.

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