Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Hannah Rosales Reviews Fern Leigh Albert

Fern Leigh Albert, born in 1986 is a British film photographer who focuses her work on nature, the human life and the connection between them. She graduated from the University of the Arts London with a Post Diploma in Photography in 2013.

Her series "Wild Wood," which has received a numerous amount of attention through awards and solo/group shows internationally, explores the idea of living off the grid with just a community of thirteen adults and eight children. Her series is composed of ten photographs, three of which I will be discussing and comparing/contrasting more in depth.

In this first photograph, a woman is shown in contemplation inside one of the rooms of her house. When I see this picture, I think of life slowing down. The idea of living off the grid in a small community seems to take away "the bustle" of life. 

The second photograph is also similar, in a way that shows simplicity. This man is bathing in a metal tub. He's choosing to live this simple. He doesn't have to worry about the shower head breaking or the water system messing up. 

The third photograph shows two children walking along a dirt path away from the fire/cooking area. There's also simplicity depicted in this community. Without cell phones/smartphones, this community doesn't have the distraction of social media like most people do. In today's society face to face interaction can seem to be less common with all the technology today. 

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