Monday, April 30, 2018

Hannah Rosales Reviews Teva Cosic

Australian photographer Teva Cosic grew up with always feeling the constant need to explore and create, which is where her photographic work stems from. She has had a thirst for adventure since childhood and this is evident in her work. Cosic graduated with a Diploma of Photo-imaging from the Royal Melbourne in Institute of Technology in 2015.

Her exhibition "Observations of the Ordinary" is about the exploration of patterns in light and dark and the beauty that can exist in common sights in daily life. Cosic also takes into account color, shade, composition and reflection. She hopes the viewer will discover "unexpected inspiration."

There are many different elements used in this exhibition. However, the three photographs I will be focusing on use the element of light very prominently and depict how the light is executed to create different compositions. In the first photograph, light from what looks like a window, contrasted with ranging values of black, produces an imitation of a charcoal drawing. In the second photograph, the reflection of lamp stands also contrast well with the dark values. The way the dark values in the building and tree are separated from the sunset sky, also works well compostionly. In the third photograph, the light being casted from the shadow creates a geometric composition. The lights on the ceiling also "matched" the light being casted to add to the composition. I believe Cosic succeeds in capturing beauty in ordinary sights by exploring these elements in these three photographs. The only critique I have out of these three photographs is the distracting white value on the left edge of the first photograph. That large white shape should be cropped out.

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