Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Jamie Salazar Profiles Scot Sothern

Controversy…It is exactly what most artist love to create.  This may or may not be the truth behind the works of Scot Sothern.  Weather it was intentional or not, the controversy followed the collection of photos which were part of his book “Curb Service” & “Street Walkers” 

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After forty years of working a variety of odd jobs, as well as photographing in his free time, Sothern finally found a place in vice.com.  There he not only could shoot photos, but he also had the opportunity to write and give a great background and insight to his photos. Evolving from a story he had started with vice.com, the photos were part of this behind the scenes sort of expose of the back street, underground world of street life and prostitution.  Sothern would interview and photograph these women (and men) in order to tell their true story.  He wrote these stories in a realistic and unbiased opinion.  He was being very careful to glamorize, or judge these individuals, but wanted to express the way they survived in this life in a funny and sometimes sad manner.

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 The honesty and some of the comedy does in fact come through in these photos, but the honesty greatly outweighs the funny, for the manner in which Sothern chose to capture these ladies, almost in a way reflects their own individuality.   

For more information and other work of true life by Scot Sothern look at:

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