Thursday, April 24, 2014

Autumn Dean/ Darragh Casey

Darragh Casey is an artist that is based out of London.  Originally he came from Ireland where he studied art and design.  He moved to London to complete his MA in design (furniture) but found a different practice in art that he loved, photography.  He meshes both his love for creating furniture and design with his love for photography.  His MA project was called “Shelving the Body”.  In this project he explores the connection and relationship we have with our furniture, re-evaluating the concept of the “user”. 
Darragh got the idea by his father’s obsession with adding new shelves to the walls of their house.  He decided to shoot his family while they themselves are “shelved” alongside their special possessions.  He included three generations of his family.  So it is very interesting to see what each generation holds dear to them.  Each item shelved with their person holds a sentimental value to them.  This shows the uniqueness of their lives.  His grandma for instance is shown sitting with her soda bread that she is famous for in their family.  Also the antiques show her age more than herself.  I think this is really shown by the use of her old objects sitting on a brand new modern shelf.  This portrait is in major contrast to the portrait of him and his brothers.  Darragh likes the use of humor in pieces to draw our attention to human habitual behaviors and customs.

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