Thursday, April 24, 2014


"Mike Smith photographs the rural American Southeast in large-format color photography, exposing the unique beauty of the region and the people who call it home."

Large-format photography is more intriguing than small/medium format printing. It is not really different but the lighting and detail it is able to capture has a whole other mood to the painting. In Mike Smith's photography he photographs a more specific area of the American Southeast and pays tribute to the people that inhabit it. With each photograph, we, the viewer, are allowed to be a part of that individual's or group of individuals that make up the subject matter of each photo and get a small glimpse as to how a day in their life is like. What some might try and emulate this work with only succeeding as creating "snapshot" photography, Mike Smith is able to successfully manipulate the photos in such a manner that they are able to tell a story and still maintain that fine art side.

His collection of works have a sense of "Americana" and one can place themselves in the scene and picture themselves standing where the camera would be and imagine the scenes happening. In one of his photos near the middle of the album, there is a photo of a house in the backcountry/woods with two dogs in two different locations. One is inside a water drum and the other is behind a chicken pen pointing towards the left of the frame with his snout.

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