Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Tatsuo Suzuki's photographs are compelling because of the harsh contrasts between the white and black values. In "" he has an album dedicated to his work and in that collection of works only street portraits exist. Street portraits of many different people all at a very close angle. This method of shooting and the closeness of the subject to the camera or the viewer plays a very important role in the photograph. If the subjects had been shot at a more traditional portrait pose farther away from the camera and us, the viewer, the photos may not have as much an impact when we view it. Making the photos black and white also plays a crucial role in the photographs success. Having color play a part in the photo would be much too distracting. The absence of color and only leaving us to interpret color by different tones of white, grey, and black, allow us to pay more of an integral role to the photo, almost including us in the story that is being told in each photograph. Each photo has its own story and some read stronger than others, but the one that caught my attention was #15 of 24. We as the viewer can see the shadows between each strand of hair of the man's beard and his eyes have a weird glaze to them. The overall sharpness of the photo is very successful, and the subjects placement of being off to the left of the frame works well. Even though the photo is unbalanced, his shoulder and the background to the right of him, which is out of focus, helps balance the overall photo quite nicely.

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