Thursday, April 24, 2014

Autumn Dean/ Lucas Simoes

Lucas Simoes is a Brazilian artist and architect.  He is known for his photographs that are cut into these shapes that almost resemble a topographical map.  This series is called desretratos, which means “unportraits”.  In this series he ask some of his friends to come over to his studio and pose for a portrait while telling him a secret they have been keeping.  While they tell him their secret he listens to a song that they picked out for him.  He doesn’t really listen to their secrets, what he is trying to capture is the expression on their face while telling this very private detail to him.  Lucas also asks them after the shoot if their secret has a color, and if so what would it be.  This color becomes the portraits theme colors while the music becomes the narration of the secret.  I love how Lucas uses almost every sense to create these pieces of art.  I think when an artist can capture more than just one of these senses in their work it is a great achievement.  He also captures the changing of time when he deconstructs these portraits and cuts into them to show an evolving change in this picture.  The reason he chose to shoot his friends instead of strangers is to show that no matter how close you are with someone there is always a part of them that is new and undiscovered.  There is a mystery to every person and that is what he loves to show in this series.

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