Thursday, April 24, 2014


I found Angela West to be quite the interesting artist. Normally when I think of photography I think of the traditional person standing in front of the lens or somewhere in the frame looking either at the camera or the cliche "deep in thought" look. Ok, maybe not that elementary but she would piece together a piece or her objects that would be her subject of the photo, shoot the photograph, and then that is the photograph. I have always found these set ups to be difficult to conceive or pull them off, but it was nice to see someone execute it so well.

One of her photos, titled "Too Much for You," is a series of postcards applied to a wall (tacked or taped) in no specific arrangement with two spots being left void from postcards. The postcards have a nice frame of negative space that provides a nice border along with the variation of different color gradients of the different postcards. The photos I found to be the most interesting and most engaging would be the one with the waterfowl and some other bird which I am not sure of the species. It appears to be a quail/pheasant but I am not familiar with the exact species. In both photos they are being hung by their legs in a single file stack going from the top of the frame to the bottom. The photo with the waterfowl is more interesting because there is evidence of blood on the fowl on the top part of the frame. The lighting used and the colors of the animals really makes the photograph stand out.

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