Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Milk- and lots of it. A lot of Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz's work has a lot to do with implementing the use of milk. I found this very interesting since I have an interest in trying to apply milk into my works. The only difference is Jaroslav has taken her use of milk in photography to a whole other level. Her level of skill, craft, and use of milk is astonishing. One of her groups of work "Milky Pinups" is just how it sounds. It uses models posed in positions like that of a pinup from the 1940-1960s would be posed with the exception of their outfits being entirely made of milk.

Its interesting to see the process and strategy needed to make something like this work. Milk being thrown in certain areas at a certain angle to achieve the desired result. In some of the photos, the models are wearing dresses (milk dresses) with varying tops and crops. Moving through her website (listed below) I journeyed my way to another group of works and came across one titled "Milk." The first few were similar to the pinup photos, but as I clicked on the "more" tab, I came across one of a Nun/Virgin Mary clothed with milk. The following is two women as samurai except in this one, the milk is colored red and blue. The Nun/Virgin Mary photo is interesting because the model herself has very dark eyebrows and black lipstick and quite the menacing glance. Was this to provide contrast with the milk? Or is there a message behind her stare and dark colors.!galleries!milk#

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