Thursday, April 24, 2014


I decided I would save my favorite artist for the last entry. Not necessarily my favorite artist of all time, but currently, her use of lighting and portraiture amazes me. Jill Greenberg has quite the extensive amount of works published to her website ranging from photographs she presents in art shows all around the world to portraits published in world renown magazines and websites.

She photographs crying babies, animals, animals posed as humans, celebrities, and even politicians. Her ability to light her subjects in such a manner that they appear almost flawless or some porcelain-like qualities in their skin is appealing along with the way the subjects are posed. Her style ranges from traditional portraiture to some that look like a more straightforward in your face type of fashion photography. Even though I do not find that style of photography that breath taking, her method of approach allows me to take it in and appreciate every attention to detail- the outfits, the accessories, the lighting, and the backdrop's color. Not to mention that each of these photos are such high quality that I can imagine them being enlarged so big that they would not lose their quality. Her black and white work portion of her website/portfolio I would say I am not entirely fascinated by it, but I still admire her work.

The work I first encountered of hers was her "Glass Ceiling" series. In this series, several photos are taken from underneath at the bottom of a pool and everything is happening on top and the world outside the pool can be seen. Whether it is the distorted railing of the pool and environment immediately outside surrounding the pool, or whether it is the afternoon or evening sky. If I were to not know they were photographs I might even consider them to be photorealistic paintings.

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