Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Holly Andres- right away I found her photos compelling. Her style of photography is a nice mixture of deadpan photography with a slight hint of fashion in some of her works. Going to her artist website listed below, right on the home page is a photograph of several side dishes with the focus being set on a small dish of jello with the text "Drink Me" on top of the jello. I was intrigued from this very moment on, and I was not sure where to click but those words being so randomly placed (randomly placed in my opinion considering I was not expecting to see that) gave me a strong feeling to want to click on them to see where it would lead me. Sure enough, it took me to her portfolio of different works. The first set I picked "Portraits" is where I got the sense of mixture of both deadpan and fashion photography. Some of the photos are set up to where I could see them in a fashion magazine or as an advertisement for a major company. Others were intriguing in the composition and the lighting used. In that same album, there is a photo titled "Mattress" which places a light underneath the car along with a stronger more prominent light on the subject on the ground all while still managing to keep the subjects in the background well lit. When looking at the photo a little bit more closely, we can see that the time of day is dusk and from a photographers standpoint, one knows that the lighting if it were natural would give off less detail in the foregrounds and silhouette them a whole lot more, but the photographer utilized her lighting in such a manner as to not fight with the lighting of the evening sky. She lit her scene ever so skillfully to have them work together in such a manner that compliments the overall feeling of the photograph.

Continuing to talk about lighting, we move on to another collection of different works and in this album it is called "Full of Grace." It was here where I really enjoyed the lighting techniques. The second photo as you scroll down titled "Grace and Nolan" is a woman standing by a night dresser holding her hands on her head in a feeling of anxiety or annoyance while a young boy is laying on his stomach and is watching what I would assume is a tv set. In this photo, there is several different light sources and each ends subtly where the other light sources begin. For example, we have an open window letting natural light in, a lamp in the corner shining its fluorescent rays throughout the room, and then the light illuminating the small child and parts of the bed. We can see hints of the different lights on varying locations throughout the room in what would seem a perfect harmony. Holly Andres does a great job positioning her subjects and utilizing her use of lighting.

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