Thursday, April 24, 2014


"Adopting the persona of a "housewife" in her work, Bastienne Schmidt stages carefully domestic scenes that are set in her own living room or in public spaces such as laundromats."

Viewing her "Home Stills" collection located on her artist website one can pick up on this "housewife" persona with the mood of the photos. One of the things I first identified in each of the photos was a strong presence of a vibrance of a certain hue and in each photo they differ. For example, in the first photograph of the collection, we come across a young woman standing in a field of logs and her red dress stands out. The area surrounding the woman seems to be less vibrant and less saturated with color making her dress stand out even more and gives the photo a more serious tone; a mixture of deep thought and melancholy.

Moving through the collection, we get a sense of the domestic life and the role of the mother. As I scrolled forward through the photos I ended up pausing at one where it is a mother and two small children standing before a water tank. The rest of the room is dark and their bodies are silhouetted by the soft glow from the lights inside the water tank- a nice cool blue outlines their silhouetted bodies.
One child is captivated by the fish inside the tank while the other seems to be unimpressed by the aquarium and the mother is seen reaching towards him as if to reassure him about something.

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