Thursday, April 24, 2014


Black and white photography is always something nice to view because in a world filled with color photography. With black and white photography, mood and tonality of the subject is usually perceived as more serious and meditative. It is also a nice way to help really push abstract what one is already trying to abstract.

Simon Chaput utilizes black and white photography with waterfalls and nude models in such a manner that the forms create different forms in themselves. For example, the waterfall photographs appear to be free forms of trees or maybe even some curtains. Some even appear to resemble the exoskeleton of what would appear to be branches of trees. Also, he extended the shutter speed to create a small motion blur with the water's movement and makes the falls appear a little more dream-like. Its intriguing when viewing these pieces because in your mind you connect the idea that it is a waterfall, but as you continue to look at the photo you start to abstract the waterfall and notice the negative space in and around the waterfall. Inspecting each black line between each streak of water and the spacing between what would normally be underlying rock.

Continuing to browse through his works, after the waterfall photos, I came across images of what I could make out to be nude models laying in a black void. They all appear to be nude women and the photos are lit and edited in such a manner to where you mostly only see a bright white, darker grey, and then the black abyss that is the remaining background. The concentrated space that is left white is like an outline but in its environment makes its own abstract line/form. With each line, depending on the model's body position, you can see the differing lines making up the human body. Would these lines still have the same effect or look as intense as they do having the rest of the body/color present? I feel the absence of the rest of the body makes these photos much stronger and more appealing to the overall composition and aesthetic of the photographs.

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