Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Kat Fisher submits James Rohan #10


James Rohan has two series called "Wide Awake in Dreamsville"and "Hints of Civilization" that were featured in a post on Both of the series were made using a toy camera. The images he produces are these awkward, creepy, other worldly images. Quite frankly I think there is a certain dreamy aesthetic that can really only be best captured when using some of the crappiest cameras around.

You Can Lead a Horse To Water

The soft focus, the blurs, the overall dream quality of these images is largely due to the chosen camera. Because of the imperfections of a plastic lens these beautiful things occur naturally that I just don't feel would even be accepted as okay if it was made with a digital camera.

The darker side of the series is what ultimately holds my attention. Where is this place? How did he get there? Dreamsville is wonderful in the sense that these images don't seem like they were constructed in anyway. These seem like images that could be taken on vacation, but a really cool vacation during which you make good art. Dreamsville makes me think of a ocean side town that is stuck in some kind of time capsule. Things don't change, but yet they still decay. I don't know how that is possible, but that is the eerie feeling that these images give me. A moving, stagnant place. 

Close to Earth

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