Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blair Bodden submits Andrea Galluzzo

Andrea Galluzzo’s Center at the Crossroads is a selection from the Know Myself in All My Parts series. Galluzzo states that she was inspired by the process of life and the moments of discovery that are uncovered when encountering struggle and challenge. The artist incorporates texture, drawing, and symbolism into the work she creates to invoke an emotional landscape. Each image supports both sides of a coin. This displays a sense of beauty, empowerment, and vulnerability with an essence of hope. She has also incorporated fear, pain and a longing to find something within her work. The artist has chosen to use the same model throughout the series so that each piece is brought together to form a complete series of growth and self empowerment.
She portrays a push and pull with lose and hope though this narrative of her mind. As viewers we take in different perspectives than other individuals viewing the same imagery. Since this occurs we make our own endings to close the gaps that are left by the photographs. We do this by relating them to our own stories of our lives and past events that have left us with this vulnerable yet hopeful feeling. Galluzzo created these works for the viewer and herself so that we may reflect on our own life’s short stories.

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