Tuesday, April 26, 2011

David Alvarez reviews Luke Pellatt

Luke Pellatt

Australian photographer Luke Pellatt uses his camera to give life and emotion to random found objects that wouldn't normally hold too much attention. Pellatt is another artist I stumbled upon last summer in an issue of Black and White magazine under the spotlight section. He began taking pictures in high school and continued on studying the subject at the Tasmanian School of Art in Hobart.

Pellatt's father can be credited as the person who inspired him to get into photography, as well as the person who helped recognize the potential of even the most mundane of objects. In their explorations of the Australian outback, his father would point out different objects and create a story for each. The experiences his dad taught him in his youth can definitely be seen in the photographic images he produces.

Take the pair of scissors in the right image above (entitled Found Objects 6, Tasmania-2004) : The content of the image itself is simply a ordinary pair of sheers; however, the way he treats the image and presents the object begins to create a story. In my opinion, one begins to wonder how the scissors became a part of the environment in which they are found; it seems timeless.

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