Monday, April 25, 2011

Blair Bodden submits Ann George

Ann George’s Misguided part of her The Three Chapters of Illumination: God Calling is her current project which was created during a period of uncertainty and loss. George used certain symbolic references in her images that toy with old fables. She uses the wolf to represent the state of fearfulness, the young girl to represent innocence, and the women (which is seen in other images) to represent all those who will or have made this journey. This series allows the viewer to take a symbolic journey from burden through knowledge into a feeling of free.
In this particular image the young girl who imitates Little Red Riding Hood is being led by the wolf into the forest. This is completely out of context for the original storyline of Little Red Riding Hood with this juxtaposition of this traditional bedtime story the viewer has to finish the narrative in there own mind. This is the connecting theme between these artists a sense of something familiar with gaps in the story along the way which then this creates a bond with the viewer to finish the story as they feel it relates to there own experiences and trails in life. Again this artist has used techniques to give her the push and pull between beauty and horror, the consciousness of the mind, and the possibility of hope. These techniques are created with a digital camera and layering techniques in Photoshop.

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