Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Katy Schmader posts Abe Morrell

I was introduced to Abe Morrell this semester my first advance class, and got to hear him speak about his work at SPE in Atlanta. First off he is an amazing speaker, and not only is he a photographer but he also thinks like a scientist. A lot of recent work that Morel has done is in working with the camera obscura.

In order to really perfect this images he had to gain a really knowledge for how the camera itself actually worked. The reason why this images work so well is because Morrell worked them down to a science.

And these images are beautiful. Morrell travels all over the world capturing images in views from outside the room that he builds the camera obscura in. The effect is that what is that whatever is seen outside the window is projected upside down on the walls of the room.

The outcome is breathtaking. His images are beautiful and the amount of work that he puts into them really pays off. The image really plays off well with the environment that it is projected in.

The images really make you think, they are thought provoking. They are well done compositionally, and because of the long exposures that he uses to get the image, the photograph has an incredible amount of detail.

It is also really interesting to see him play around with the idea. Morrell goes from digital to color, which creates a whole new layer to the images. He then plays with the lens, and turns the image right side up. He does this he completely changes the images once again. I really enjoy the ability that this project has to change and grow.

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