Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Salina Ellis presents Sherry Karver

Sherry Karver uses black and white images colored with oil. Her two most recent series are most interesting to me. The most recent, “Urban City”, uses images of people taken in public places and city streets, like Grand Central Station. She incorporates text over the silhouettes of some of the figures, giving the people fictional biographies. Her images are layered with glazes of oil paint, combining the traditional with the modern. The final image is coated with resin to give it is polish.

Karver describes this series as “... a metaphor for our journey through life - A journey where we are "collectively alone".

Her second series “Surveillance” includes a series of images taken from internet webcams in public places and city streets, like New Orleans, New York, and Israel. The series also includes suitcases converted into lightboxes with X-ray imagery over them. The X rays are actual images taken from airport screening, which she superimposes more volatile imagery onto.

I think she her work is very creative, especially the fictional biographies she creates for her Urban City series. Check out her website for images of her Surveillance series. www.sherrykarver.com

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