Monday, April 4, 2011

Rebecca Villarreal reviews Julia Calfee

Julia Calfee, is a photographer I found in one of the photo magazines that Larry has in the darkroom, she has an amazing eye and is someone people should look at, at least once. She’s American but spends a lot of her time overseas in Europe and especially in China, where she is currently photographing some of the Chinese people who have come into wealth with the new economy and new china. She also documents some of the Chinese people who are still fully immersed in some of the old ways of life, as the world around them becomes further advanced.

I like her style of photography, she manages to document her subjects objectively, but they still have a fine art quality to them. Of her work I like her black and white prints, they’re very clean and have a wide range of tones. Her color photos are nice, too but in some instances don’t quite have the dramatic flair of black and white. With all of her projects she works on, she puts in the time it seems to get to know her subjects and connect with them enough that the viewer sees more of their personalities or the severity of the situation she documents.

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