Tuesday, April 26, 2011

David Alvarez reviews Gerardo Montiel Klint

Gerardo Montiel Klint

Hispanic photographer Gerardo Montiel Klint, like his brother Fernando Klint (whom I've blogged about previously), is also a practitioner of staged photography. As mentioned in the blog over Fernando, I stumbled upon this artist during the same exhibition during FotoSeptiembre last year at SAMA.

While his brother explored the use of stage photography to explore the external forces that drive materiality, Gerardo focuses on the internal forces of consciousness. His images tend to feature a single figure alone in seemingly large environments.

The exhibition at SAMA featured a few images that belonged to two different series; one being The Mundane, Homage to Vermeer and the other being the Desireto or Desert. It was the second, his Desert series, in which I was mostly attracted to; the two images above are from this series (the left is entitled The imminent fall of the blind and the right is entitled Man overboard). The photographs of this series both reflect the artist knowledge of previous art masters, as they are homage(s) of works by other artist/photographers, of as well as evoke a sense of spiritually and enlightenment. The figures of this series wander alone in a vast desert atmosphere in search of what is perceived to be inner spiritual understanding. The desert, can be perceived, as a metaphor for the vastness of the mind.

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